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  • No Equity. No Problem. We can purchase homes that have no equity in ANY condition.
  • Cash Offers. Cash offers available for speedy closing and no closing costs paid by you and no contingencies. These include a 48 hour GUARANTEED cash offer.
  • Programs such as owner financing, rent to own and lease/option offer homes to those that may not qualify for traditional lending because let’s face it, life happens.
  • Rental homes are also available if you prefer to rent. We offer competitive rental rates on our homes.
  • Divorced? Divorce can require creative ways to purchase the house so that all parties are satisfied including quick cash sales.
  • Inherited real estate that you want cash or speedy transaction?
  • Job transfer and need to sell quickly?

Late on Payments with Foreclosure coming and want the bank to stop calling?

Tired of tenants and need someone to bear the burden?

Vacant properties, including run-down and falling apart?

Want to be a lender?

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Don’t buy, fix, rent, or sell a house yourself. Be a smart investor and put your capital into physical real estate.

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First lead that we close on you receive $750.00
Second lead we close on you receive $1,000.00
Third and any following we close on you receive $1,500.00

We purchase houses in a number of ways, including cash and specialized terms.

Whether the situation includes a house in poor condition, pre-foreclosure, job transfer, inheritance, no equity, divorce, or vacant Resolute Realty is here to help.